Larry Fitzgerald punks Chris Cooley

King Ing February 13, 2009 0


My favorite professional sports blogger Chris Cooley got played by Larry Fitzgerald at the Pro Bowl. Right before halftime #11 catches a hail mary touchdown from Drew Brees. This is where it gets good. Let Cooley describe it in his own words.

“In the meantime I’m pretty damn excited and as he caught the ball I had made my way down into the end zone. I just ran a seam route on the other side of the ball from Larry and as he came stumbling along the goal line I would be the first one to get to him. I’m not very big on celebrating, but he was coming right for me and I was pumped, so something was going to have to happen. For some reason I think I was a little awkward because I’m not really a big fan of the jumping side bump and that is what seems to be the common buddy celebration, but I headed nonchalantly toward him waiting for him to initiate some kind of celebration. As he got within five yards I started to raise my hand and even got ready for a little jumping action, right before I left my feet he actually made a sort of juke move and quickly moves around me leaving me hanging. I’m sure on TV it appeared as if he avoided me like some kind of crazy fan in the end zone, not even looking towards me as he passed. Then before I even get fully turned around he is soaring into full chest jumping, loving action with Anquan Boldin. He left me stranded and alone with nothing to do but put my head down and feel like a total ass. I mean what do I do at that point? Go find some lineman running down the field and share an Icky Shuffle with him, I don’t think so. At least it was in the end closest to the locker room and I was able to walk straight in.

Before I was able to get in the doors Witten and Jared Allen joined me and they couldn’t even talk in between gasping laughs. I got to admit it was pretty damn funny and we joked about it throughout the halftime break. I started asking Larry and he just says Anquan’s his boy! Anquan said it was dirty though. I told Fitz that the rest of his career it doesn’t matter how good he plays, I will never remember anything besides him dumping on me in 09.”

There is nothing more for me to say. Watch the video and see for yourself how dirty Fitz was!

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