Which actress-dating athlete loves his college girls?

King Ing February 12, 2009 2

I am starting to like these blind items way too much. Here is today’s “wicked whisper” courtesy of Gatecrasher.

“Which pro athlete’s actress-girlfriend is going to be less than pleased when she discovers he’s sleeping with college girls on the side?”

Your choices are limited, but I am guessing Derek Jeter. The only reason being that when I went to Fordham University, Mr. Man was seen around the campus bars with his then college girlfriend.

Also with Jeter was Shane Spencer. He obviously didn’t date the hot chick. But I do remember him being there because California Correspondent went up to him and asked “how big Mo Vaughn’s dong was.”


  1. Yankee Fan March 1, 2009 at 12:07 pm -

    She’s gonna be a fat ass later in life. Jeter ain’t stupid. His NY girl Ava Chantel or whatever her name is has a bangin body. No doubt this 22 yr old blonde does to. Minkas on her way out.

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