From Speaker of the House to Football Team Owner

California Correspondent February 10, 2009 1


Meet your new United Footbal League team owner, Ms. Nancy Pelosi. By way of her husband Paul’s incomprehensible $30 million investment, Ms. Pelosi is now the proud owner of all 4 UFL teams. Yes, you heard that right, all 4 teams (which was actually reduced from 8 due to the economic situation).

One might consider it odd to buy all 4 teams in a league. But when the economy is in the rutt like it is right now, Ms. Pelsoi really got scammed a deal. They were initially asking for $30 million per team, but she is quite the negotiator and got 4 teams for the price of 1.

And while you might laugh your ass off scoff at the idea of investing $30 million dollars in an league as questionable as this, $30 million is actually a small price to pay when you know that you’re team is going to win the UFL bowl no matter what.

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