Jessica Simpson meltdown as Tony Romo fails to show up

King Ing February 6, 2009 4


It might have been coincidence or Jessica Simpson might have really been flustered when her boyfriend Tony Romo failed to show up for her concert last night.

“Well, it looks like Tony Romo missed his flight to Grand Rapids, where his singer/girlfriend Jessica Simpson is performing tonight at Van Andel Arena.

There was nothing relaxing about her 38-minute set. While singing the ballad “With You,” she paused during the middle of the song to take a drink of water while her backup singers took over the lead vocals. After the song, she seemed a little embarrassed and said it’s difficult to be on stage and be so vulnerable.

But the night got a little stranger for the 28-year-old Simpson, who has been in the news a lot with her supposed weight issues. She continuously struggled with her ear monitors and often seemed to lose her place in several songs. She even had the band start over on the up-tempoed “Pray Out Loud.”

But the show veered into the direction of a trainwreck toward the end of her opening slot for Rascal Flatts, completely forgetting the lyrics to her single “Come on Over” and asking for forgiveness from the audience by mouthing the word “sorry” on the two video screens.

Things were so bad, while introducing her closing song “Do You Know,” she talked about how she felt like walking off the stage. At the end of the song, she thanked her band for “having her back.” And it looked as if she was wiping away tears as she walked off the stage.”

Poor Jessica. Her music is so great, hope she doesn’t screw up her performance at the Grammy’s. Oh wait, she didn’t get nominated or asked to sing. What, you are telling me her music sucks? You think Taylor Swift has a better voice. “Public Affair” was a great song!

Wow, it seems like nothing is going her way. Maybe it’s time to listen to the Beyonce song and “Upgrade You” to Matt Cassel.


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