Blind Item! Starlet and two athletes…who you got

King Ing February 5, 2009 2

Roosevelt Hotel

So Gatecrasher has this great rumor:

“Which starlet did more than get wet with an uber-famous athlete in a pool? On top of that, a gridiron god walked in and got a gander at the action -  and the twosome’s pile of cocaine.”

Who could this be? Since I am so educated in everything pop culture and sports related I will go with Paris Hilton and Michael Phelps with Ray Lewis walking in on them.

How did I come up with this you ask? Paris Hilton is a “starlet”…Michael Phelps is an uber athlete and lives in a pool…Ray Lewis is a gridiron god and Baltimore native like Phelps, so he is guilty by association.

Seriously who else could it be? Oh wow, maybe it was Jessica Simpson with Tony Romo and Emmitt Smith walking in?


  1. Justin February 5, 2009 at 3:30 pm -

    ok… first of all, Michael Phelps does not LIVE in a pool, he only swims there.

    The answer is Mike Tyson, Bea Arthur and Reggie White, who came back from the dead.

  2. Big Wayne February 5, 2009 at 4:00 pm -

    It would be great if it was Brittny Gastineau, Phil Simms and Mark Gastineau. All the combinations work

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