An Open Letter To The Greater Sports Media

Justin February 3, 2009 0

Dear ESPN, NY Times, et al,

DNA tests link Roger Clemens to blood samples on syringes from Brian McNamee.

Re-tested urine samples from Barry Bonds came back positive for Performance Enhancers.


For the thousandth time, this is a story that only interests the reporters who cover it. ESPN has hired a team of investigative journalists who have dedicated the last few years of their lives to uncovering steroid use in baseball, with a particular focus on Bonds and Clemens. They are wasting their time and ours. Did Roger Clemens lie to Congress? It doesn’t matter. Will Bonds go to prison for perjury. My life as a baseball fan doesn’t change either way.

So, I will ask nicely once again. Please, stop covering these stories like they are the most important news of the day. They are not. 

Thank you.

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