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Luke Harangody gets dunked on again! This time by UCONN’s Gavin Edwards

King Ing January 25, 2009 0

There is no doubt Luke Harangody is one of the best players in the nation and the effort he puts in is second to none. But that effort sometimes leaves him on the wrong

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Football for Patriots

tommy neumann January 24, 2009 2

SCP welcomes our newest writer, Tommy Neumann. Tommy brings a socially focused approach to much of his writing. Sometimes it’s funny as hell and other times it might be fit for The New Yorker.

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The Serbs should be mad at the Russians, not the Bosnians

California Correspondent January 24, 2009 2

Bosnians and Serbs clashed on Friday at the Australian open as Novak Djokovic, from Serbia, whooped Amer Delic, from Bosnia. Chairs were thrown, an innocent woman was hurt, and fights broke out in the

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Giants fan needs to man up and stop crying

King Ing January 24, 2009 3

I hate to kick people when they seem to be down, but this guy really needs to sack up. There is no need to cry in public when your team loses. Do that in

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It absolutely kills me

Justin January 23, 2009 0

It absolutely kills me to say this, but there seems to be a member of the Boston Red Sox who actually has some class. Obviously, he’s new to the team. [

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Against the Spread (Antonio Margarito v Sugar Shane Mosley)

DeGags January 23, 2009 1

I am shying away from my usual sports handicapping of football to discuss my other great love: Boxing. This weekend represents a truly magnificent match-up between Shane Mosley and Antonio Margarito. What the SEC

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Alicia Sacramone keeps her dating to athletes

King Ing January 23, 2009 3

So it looks like the big mystery of who is dating Alicia Sacramone has been solved. TheBigLead has pictures of the Olympian with her boyfriend, Brown University football player Eric Hunt. That is all

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I used to play tennis

King Ing January 23, 2009 0

I used to play tennis in high school. If I stuck with it I might be dating Mandy Moore right now (or any other extremely hot chick). [Fan

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David Beckham ready to leave MLS?

King Ing January 23, 2009 2

Wow, that was fast. According to the Daily Mail via Gazzetta dello Sport, David Beckham is ready to give up his 5 year, $200 million dollar contract with the LA Galaxy to play full-time

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Seriously. This Happened.

Justin January 23, 2009 0

When The Giants put Plaxico Burress on the injured list after he shot himself, they signed Taye Biddle off the Practice Squad to fill the roster spot. Well, guess what happened. Yup. Biddle got

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