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Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony duel to the death

King Ing January 3, 2009 1

WOW! First Kevin Durant hits a three to take the lead over the Denver Nuggets with seconds left. And then you get an answer from Carmelo as time expires. Oklahoma City can’t buy a

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Against the Spread (NFL Wild Card Edition)

DeGags January 3, 2009 1

Atlanta at Arizona. What a boring match-up. I don’t care either way, but I think Atlanta is the better team right now. I do think that 50.5 points is a bit high. Therefore, I

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Sports reporting at it’s best. Worker falls off a 4 foot scaffolding, lives to tell story.

Gino Vaginelli January 3, 2009 0

Either today was a slow day for sports reporting or the media is trying to create some kind of unwarranted curse around the soon to be opened Yankee Stadium. I was doing my hourly

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Kei Igawa’s foolproof plan for avoiding a trade

California Correspondent January 2, 2009 0

The guys at Respect Jeter’s Gangster discover the best plan to avoid getting traded. Just threaten to punch your boss’ horse. “I’ve never folded under pressure,” said Yankees co-chairperson Hank Steinbrenner. “But this was

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USC’s Taylor Mays lays out two with his Rose Bowl hit

King Ing January 2, 2009 2

Another boring New Years Day of college football. Why can’t they go back to the days of old when there would be like 10 games on Jan 1. Maybe then I could actually look

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Join SCP’s group in ESPN’s Streak for Cash

King Ing January 2, 2009 0

Join SCP’s group in ESPN’s Streak for the Cash. Win that million!

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Barkley partying with Strahan and Urkel before arrest

California Correspondent January 2, 2009 0

This marks yet another holiday party I didn’t get invited to. [Daily News

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Cincinnati Bearcats coach says “no” to partying with Diddy

California Correspondent January 1, 2009 4

For tonight’s Orange Bowl in Miami, the Cincinnati Bearcats booked the Fontainebleau hotel in Miami Beach. The only problem, Diddy also booked this fine establishment for a New Years Eve bash. I’m not going

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Charles Barkley cockblocked by the cops

California Correspondent January 1, 2009 0

Dear Charles Barkley, A wise person once told me that some things are better kept to yourself. But if you subscribed to this theory then you wouldn’t be the funny and opinionated character that

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