Allen Iverson likes his three card poker

King Ing January 31, 2009 4


According to the Star Tribune, AI wasn’t so lucky at the three card poker table. Forget the fact he was at the Shakopee’s Canterbury Card Club at 11:30 Tuesday night when they had a game against the Timberwolves Wednesday. Iverson and his friends just wanted to have a little fun.

“Iverson, Rasheed Wallace and about six other members of the entourage” were at “a three-card poker table in the casino games room,”

“Sheed didn’t wager, explaining to onlookers, I don’t gamble, but he certainly had fun sipping [beverages] and jabbing at his friends and other players who weren’t doing so hot. AI, on the other hand, had what we call ‘rubber band banks’ in his pockets — must have been around $50,000 (at least in one pocket) and he was getting beat up pretty hard at three-card poker.”

Why does Rasheed Wallace have to be a hater? You should root for your friends to win. It is part of casino etiquette 101. And damn Allen Iverson sure travels with a lot of pocket money…about $49,980 more than I go out with.

Don’t worry, the Pistons beat Minnesota. No harm, no foul.


  1. Corey Frisbee January 31, 2009 at 4:41 pm -

    more money than I have

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