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Justin January 27, 2009 2

We’ve been doing SportsCracklePop since last April. In that time, I’ve tried to do a number of interviews with interesting people, in an effort to provide a little extra perspective on the world of sports. So far, I’ve been a complete failure in these endeavours.

A couple of high profile ESPN personalities have agreed to interviews, then never responded when I sent the questions. That’s better than I’ve gotten from a number of other people, who never even had the decency to answer my initial inquiries.

My latest effort was to discuss halftime at the Superbowl this weekend. I emailed the editor of Backstreets magazine, a Springsteen fanzine, and never heard anything. Then I contacted the head of Sirius’s E-Street Radio. He was nice enough to email me back, but was understandably busy himself this week and didn’t have time to speak.

Bruce Springsteen

But, here I stand, undaunted by rejection. Because in the case of Bruce Springsteen, I have an ace in the hole. I know a Bruce expert. He’s seen a dozen shows, owns every thing Springsteen has ever released, and even grew up in the same town as the Boss.

So, after the jump, I present the first ever SportsCracklePop interview with noted Bruce Springsteen-o-phile… Me.

SCP: How many songs do you think he’ll play? and which ones will he chose?

Me:Well, Tom Petty played four songs last year. That’s pretty much been the trend since they started using famous rockers to fill halftime. The Stones, Paul McCartney and U2 all did pretty much the same. But in this case, I think the closest comparison may be to Prince two years ago. He played a random cover, and a couple of hits from Purple Rain. (which was fitting since it was pouring at the time.) Bruce may pick one of his longer songs to open, like Rosalita, then blow through Glory Days and Born to Run. It’s only three songs, but it should be enough to leave the crowds in Tampa sufficiently satisfied.

SCP: His new album came out this week. Do you think Bruce will play anything off of Working on a Dream?

Me: I doubt it. The album hit stores on Tuesday, and the new songs haven’t gotten a ton of play in advance of the release. The most famous track off the album is probably “The Wrestler”, which is excellent, though not the type of song you would play if you’re trying to hype up a crowd. It will probably be safer to stick to the classics. Springsteen probably doesn’t need to worry too much about selling this new album. A kick-ass show will be enough to make people want to buy it.

SCP: In the last five or six years, Springsteen has become overtly political. Do you think that could lead to some dissatisfied Super Bowl viewers this weekend?

Me:Good Question. I think the saving grace here will be the fact that with the exception of the Magic album, none of Springsteen’s lyrics are overtly political. He sings about average Americans dealing with average lives. Despite his vocal support for both John Kerry and Barack Obama, the music doesn’t lean Democrat or Republican.

SCP: A lot of media outlets have made jokes about viewers being safe from Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band flashing their nipples during halftime. Is that funny?

Me: No. The Janet Jackson thing happened in 2004. Since then, we’ve seen some amazing halftime shows from some of the greatest rock stars in history. Come on! That Prince performance was amazing! Why can’t people come up with new jokes? It’s sad really.


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    Best interview since Jim McKay interviewed Fidel Castro

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