David and Victoria Beckham disagree over a move to Milan

King Ing January 27, 2009 0


Long story short: David Beckham wants a transfer to Serie A powerhouse AC Milan while his wife isn’t so keen on the idea. As The Sun reports:

“Becks, 33, has told Posh he wants to stay with the Italian giants, where his loan spell has got off to a goalscoring start.

Yet she has so far refused to uproot their sons from America to move to another non-English speaking country after an earlier spell in Spain.

And while Posh has offered a compromise of returning to London to be closer to Italy, Becks wants them all to live in the same city.

“Does the family make the sacrifice for David so he can end his career in real style? Or does he have to accept they’ve moved around enough to follow his career?”

What is the play here? Do you want to uproot your family again for the possibility of gaining a place on the England National team or do you give in to your wife and sacrifice a couple more months in the States? My guess is the wife wins and they stay in LA until he can get out of his contract in October. The wife always wins!

Now if David is preparing to leave in October anyways, why wouldn’t the Galaxy try to get something for him in the transfer window? The supposed 4.5 million pounds AC Milan is thinking about offering is definitely something to consider. Why they are so steadfast at keeping Becks for a couple more months is questionable to me.

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