Against the Spread (Antonio Margarito v Sugar Shane Mosley)

DeGags January 23, 2009 1


I am shying away from my usual sports handicapping of football to discuss my other great love: Boxing. This weekend represents a truly magnificent match-up between Shane Mosley and Antonio Margarito.

What the SEC is to college football, is what the Welterweight division (147 pounds) is to boxing. Pound for pound, these guys are the best fighters in the world. And there are so many of them in the upper echelons of the ranks. Last weekend we watched as Andre Berto beat Luis Collazo in a close fought contest, just edging him out on the judges’ score cards. For those who missed it, catch the re-run on Showtime, it was the best bought in the past 12 months. Collazo looked fantastic out there, even though he lost.

So lets weigh in on Saturday’s up coming bout. Mosley lost to Cotto and then to Mayorga. Against Cotto he went in with more arrogance than training. He was ill-prepared and Cotto was 110%. Against Ricardo Mayorga, Mosley was sharp, and a better match, but exhausted by the 12th round when he took one to the mat. This has set us up for a shot against the #1 ranked and WBA Welterweight Champion Antonio Margarito. Hands down, Margarito is the best fighter in the division. My call is that he will win this fight, he should win this fight, but Mosley is getting 3 to 1 odds.

In Boxing, sometimes you have to take the underdog just because the odds are that good. Buster Douglas was a 46 to 1 underdog against Iron Mike in February of 1990. Mosley is one of boxing’s greats, and if he has been training, he could upset Margarito. But that would take a lot of training. Margarito is younger, faster and stronger. He has a more imposing frame than Mosley and when he’s hit hard, he returns it right back. The biggest challenge for Mosley is to protect himself from the shear quantity of punches Margarito keeps in his Arsenal. Reminiscent of Tyson in his prime, Margarito throws 5 to 6 punch combos. He trains with Combos, so that he can throw them on instinct without giving them any thought.

Either way it should be a great fight!! Mosley owns Marg when it comes to skills. Marg own Mosley when it comes to durability. They both have tremendous power, but Mosley has the speed and Marg has the volume of punches. Mosley is better at moving around, but Marg is better at taking a punch; he has a steel chin. Mosley has the experience, but Margarito has the conditioning, he punches just as hard in the 12th round as he does in the 1st, and he can take a punch better in the 12th round than he can in the 1st! But Mosley is the better athlete, he has a great chance to win this fight, but I think Margarito is prime right now, this is his time. Margarito wins this fight 2 out of 3 times. That’s why Mosley is worth a look.

I am taking Mosley for the payout. 1 Unit Mosley over Margarito +300.

Record: 78-55 (+40.1 units)

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  1. Big John January 24, 2009 at 11:11 pm -

    You fucking sonofabitch!!!! I liked Mosley, but was unsure, your call pushed me to take him and I got 4 to 1. What an upset, and you fucking handed it to me on a silver platter! I love this fucking prick!!

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