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Justin January 16, 2009 0

NBA All Star voting ends Monday. Here is who you should cast your ballots for to ensure the best performers in the league make the starting fives in Phoenix.


C- Dwight Howard: He’s the best big man in the league, and is the best player on the team with the second best record in the conference. He also leads the league in rebounding and blocks.

F-LeBron James: Do you really need convincing? Ok. He IS the best team in the conference. He’s second in the league in scoring, 11th in assists, and is averaging a tick under 7 boards.

F-Paul Pearce: He’s putting up 19.6 points, 5.6 boards, 3.7 assists.  And he’s the one who takes the last second shots for the C’s.

G-Dwayne Wade: Read this article from SI. Wade leads the league in scoring, plays just about every minute of every game, and for good measure, is blocking more than one and a half shots a game. He’s 6’4″!

G- Devin Harris:Ask the Mavs if they want to rethink the Jason Kidd trade. Harris is all of a sudden the best point guard in the conference, and is edging ever closer to Chris Paul and Deron Williams in the discussion of best point in the league. He also has his team hovering around .500, even though they were expected to compete for the worst record in the NBA this season.


C-Shaquille O’Neal:Yao’s stats are slightly better, but Shaq is all of a sudden Shaq again. He’s rocking rims like it’s 2002. He’s even hitting free throws, 13 in a row at one point this week. Plus, he’s Shaq. Why wouldn’t you want him starting the All Star Game

F- Dirk Nowitzki: The Mavs have turned their season around after a slow start, and he’s the reason why. 25 points and 9 boards.

F- Zach Randolph:22 and 11. He’s been on two teams this year. They both suck. But he deserves credit for consistency.

G- Kobe Bryant:3rd in scoring. 4th quarter assassin. Best player on the best team. He’s friggin Kobe. You don’t need any convincing

G- Chris Paul:Let’s put that made up steals record aside. He leads the league in assists. He scores 20 points a game. He grabs 5 boards. Also, Tracy McGrady is currently leading the voting at this position, and he barely plays. Vote for Chris Paul instead. Thanks.

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