Against the Spread (NFL Championship Playoffs)

DeGags January 16, 2009 2


Well we had a dud weekend. I knew going into it that 3 out of 4 road teams would be on top. I never expected the Cardinals to be one of them.

This coming weekend we have the NFC championship game, pitting The Arizona Cardinals against the Philadelphia Eagles. I’d like to do a shout out to my cuz-in-law Jen, what up girl??!! Jen is on the Eagles bandwagon, but they remain the most hated team in the NFL, more so than even Dallas. I’m sorry Jen, but the Eagles secondary is easier than you were on prom night. You’ll probably kick me for that one, but it’s true, they really are that easy. And this trip has to end soon, but is Arizona the team to do it?

If the Warner led team that destroyed Carolina shows up, then yes they will dismantle Philly. Philly didn’t play well against NY. The Giants just failed to perform. I like what I saw at Carolina, and I think Arizona is showing up for this game, therefore I am taking 2 Units on Arizona +4 over the Eagles ATS. I also feel that the arid air of Phoneix will help the ball float through the stadium, I don’t see a defensive struggle here. I am going with a high scoring affair. I am taking 4 Units on the Over + 47.5.

Baltimore at Pittsburgh
Baltimore looked sloppy at Tennessee. The Titans outplayed them, Baltimore got lucky. But lucky won’t win you every game. I think the Ravens regroup. I took San Diego, because I felt they were a better team than most gave them credit for. I was right, they played an excellent game, but in the end Pittsburgh dominated them. I think this battle will be closer than the 6 points the Steelers are favored by, and I also think these teams are good for 20 points a piece, putting us well over the 33.5 over/under. I am taking 2 Units on Baltimore + 6 over Pittsburgh ATS and 2 units on the Over 33.5.

Record: 75-54 (+34.3 units)


  1. Marc January 16, 2009 at 3:00 pm -

    I beg to differ with you. Warner is not going to destroy anyone. How can he while he is on his back. I think you are under estimating the Eagles pass rush. Arizona has played two teams in the playoffs, neither of which even remotely are as good defensively as the Eagles.

    Check out for more insight into the way we see this game in Philly.


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