I Can’t Believe LT is the Least Troubled Member of the 1990 Giants

Justin January 14, 2009 0

Last week, we brought you the tale of former Giants wideout Mark Ingram. Today, it’s former scat back/return man Dave Meggett.

He’s been jailed in South Carolina on Sex Assault charges. A few months back, he was charged with rape in a seperate incident.

In addition to being scourges on society, the former G-men have something else in common. Both have sons who were freshmen running backs on major college teams this season, Ingram at Alabama and Meggett at Maryland.  Let’s hope, in these cases, the apples fall far from the tree.

On another note, Meggett’s was the first football jersey I ever owned. I bought it at Herman’s sporting goods.  It wasn’t an officially licensed NFL jersey though, so it was really just a #30 in Giants colors with no name on the back.

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