Sports reporting at it’s best. Worker falls off a 4 foot scaffolding, lives to tell story.

Gino Vaginelli January 3, 2009 0

yankeefallEither today was a slow day for sports reporting or the media is trying to create some kind of unwarranted curse around the soon to be opened Yankee Stadium. I was doing my hourly sweep of Baseball news online and when I got to CNNSI one of their top baseball stories wasn’t about the latest hot stove rumors or anything good but a headline that read “Yankee Stadium Worker Hurt In Fall”. Now when I first read that I thought the worst if this is making the news. I’m thinking some poor construction worker fell off a crane or some high stadium sized scaffolding.

But no, look at the screenshot and see for yourself. Homeboy fell off a 4′ tall scaffolding. Who even sets up a 4′ tall scaffolding? Falling from 4′ is nothing. Thats like falling off a midgets head. Christ, when I was a kid I had a bunk bed that was 6′ high that I fell off like twice a week. I got some lumps in my head but I didn’t go running to the Associated Press.

If this was anywhere else in the world the foreman would tell his worker “Suck it up and be a man”….but if it happens at Yankee Stadium the media comes running. That NY Sports Media sure is something!

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