Cincinnati Bearcats coach says “no” to partying with Diddy

California Correspondent January 1, 2009 4


For tonight’s Orange Bowl in Miami, the Cincinnati Bearcats booked the Fontainebleau hotel in Miami Beach. The only problem, Diddy also booked this fine establishment for a New Years Eve bash. I’m not going to ask how the Bearcats can afford a $600/night hotel, but I will question their coach’s judgment.

Coach Brian Kelly thought ‘it would be one giant distraction’ having Diddy there, so he rewarded his players for their Big East win and moved the team to another hotel at the last moment — ruining all chances of partying with the Bad Boy crew.

The Bearcats are currently winning 7-0 in the first quarter, so a win tonight will probably make most of the players forgive their coach’s shot calling error. Me, on the otherhand. I would never forgive you for ruining my chances to party with Diddy, even if I was playing in the Orange Bowl the next day.

Update at midnight ET: Game over. Bearcats lost 20-7. And they didn’t party with Diddy. Those dudes must be pissed!


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