Charles Barkley cockblocked by the cops

California Correspondent January 1, 2009 0


Dear Charles Barkley,

A wise person once told me that some things are better kept to yourself. But if you subscribed to this theory then you wouldn’t be the funny and opinionated character that we love you for. You wouldn’t tell officers things like “I was driving around the corner to get a blowjob” while getting arrested for a DUI, and you probably wouldn’t do this at a nightclub.

You are a man of principle and a man of your word. You said, “I think you have an obligation to be honest. I really believe that. Because unfortunately, in this world now, people hear stuff on the radio, and they see stuff on television … they believe it. So, I think it’s important to tell the truth, I really believe that.” — and you meant it. And not just on TV or radio. But in a police report nonetheless.

We commend you Mr. Charles Barkley for making us laugh, especially on this day when my innards are hurting from the painful hangover that has become a common occurrence on January 1st each year.

Keep keepin’ it real for us in 2009 Charles.



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