Tony Romo, Jessica Simpson, and the Internet echo chamber

California Correspondent December 31, 2008 0


Sure, Tony Romo blew the game, the season, and his knee all at once. After he collapsed in the shower, Jessica “Yoko” Simpson hopped on the plane to come to his side, like any good girlfriend would.

Apparently the fact that Jessica went out of her way to visit her injured boyfriend is “newsworthy”, since it’s on the front page of most gossip and celebrity sites today. Wouldn’t you think celebrities would be doing more interesting and newsworthy stuff around the holidays for these sites to write about?

I guess not, and it looks like we’ve fallen for the same trap. Below you’ll find our investigative work on how this “story” about Jessica Simpson visiting Tony Romo has echoed across the interweb in the last 48 hours.

– December 29th: has a fairly boring story about Romo getting hurt — with “sources” claiming that Simpson rushed to his side.

– December 30th: posts a very similar story, but with more of an emphasis on Simpson, claiming that “she got on a red eye flight right when she found out, and arrived at 5 a.m. [that] morning”. This quote is quikcly echoed across the blogoshpere.

– This quote about the 5am red eye is already mentioned on over 100 different pages in Google.

– Major celebrity sites cover the same story with nothing new to add (minus Perez Hilton’s signature photoshop work): TMZ, Perez Hilton, The Superficial.

– A quick scan on WithLeather, TheBigLead, SBB, and Deadspin reveal no mention of this “story”, once again proving that SportsCracklePop is not a typical sports blog.

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