Best of 2008: Arod and Madonna

California Correspondent December 24, 2008 1


It’s a topic most sports blogs are tired of covering, both because it’s gross and there isn’t really much more to say about the bizarro relationship between Arod and Madonna — but truth be told, we can’t get enough of it. Let’s face it. Arod and Madonna are the Britney and K-Fed of 2008.

To honor their dethroning of Britney and K-Fed, let’s take a trip down memory lane and cherish the key moments from perhaps the strangest relationship of 2008.

  • April 21st: Arod heads to Madonna’s crib in Miami the same night Cynthia gives birth to their daughter. Just 9 days later Arod is caught being ‘chummy’ with Madonna after her show at Roseland in NYC.
  • June 22nd: The Madonna/Arod rumors started circulating in late June, when Madonna sat in Arod’s seats at Yankee Stadium on June 22nd.
  • July 1st: The NY Post and US Weekly simultaneously go to print with details surrounding the Arod/Madonna affair. Bloggers express their disgust.
  • July 8th: The details keep coming. Arod and Cynthia attend a Madonna concert together, and Cynthia is rumored to be getting it on with Lenny Kravitz of all people.
  • July 25th: It wouldn’t be a real scandal if Red Sox fans didn’t use this as just another opportunity to taunt Arod at Fenway.
  • November 27th: Arod leaves Thanksgiving dinner with the family to carve Madonna’s turkey.
  • November 28th: Arod plays the water boy for Madonna. Sits front row at her concert and replenishes her fluids.
  • December 23rd: Madonna caught hooking up in Brazil with male model Jesus Luz. Is this a turning point in their relationship?

Will this relationship last in 2009? Just for the sake of this blog, we hope so.

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