Chris Paul Breaks Imaginary Record

Justin December 18, 2008 0

I think we can all agree that Chris Paul is a transcendent talent who promises to be one of the great NBA stars of the next decade.

That’s why it’s strange to me that the media has decided to make such a big deal over him setting the mark for most consecutive games with a steal.  That is not an actual record. If Paul racks up 31 assists in a game, he will have set a record.  I’ll even give him credit if he gets 12 steals in one game. (bonus points if you know who holds that record now.) But consecutive games with a steal? No one cares about that.

What’s the mark for consecutive games with a run scored, or consecutive games with a first down? I don’t know either. That’s the point. This guy will make plenty of history in his career without us manufacturing it for him.

(ed. note- The record for most steals in a game is shared by Larry Kenon and Kendall Gill. They both had 11.)

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