Pop goes the Tartt

California Correspondent December 11, 2008 1

As if our recap of athletes posting stupid crap on Facebook wasn’t long enough, we now have a new contender to add to the list.

Jim Tartt, a moron lineman from University of Florida joined a group called “Africa Gives Nothing To The World But AIDS.” I’m sure his teammates are really proud to have him on their team. Especially dudes like Percy Harvin, who has the most career yards rushing by a Florida wide receiver and the most rushing yards in a single season by a UF receiver.

I wish I was in Florida to ask Tartt about Aftrican exports such as oil, gas, and minerals — or about Barack Obama, who’s father is from Kenya.

What a Tartt this dude is! Check out his Facebook profile after the jump…

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  1. Football Fanatics December 11, 2008 at 5:33 pm -

    I wonder if he’ll release an apology like the guy from UT did?

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