My Starter Jacket: 1990-91 Duke Blue Devils

California Correspondent December 8, 2008 0

It was November of 1990 and I was in seventh grade. I couldn’t get a chick to date me and I was a Duke Blue Devils fan (is there any correlation?). Why did I like Duke? Mainly because my neighbor Jimmy was a UNLV fan and his team won the previous NCAA championship against Duke.

The Duke Blue Devils Starter jacket was my one and only piece of Starter apparel — which explains why girls started responding to the notes I slipped in their lockers when I ditched the Duke pullover in high school.

While my Starter jacket definitely hurt my chances with the girls at West Rocks Middle School — Christian Laettner, Billy McCaffrey, Thomas Hill, Bobby Hurley and Grant Hill let me rub it in my friend Jimmy’s face when they defeated UNLV and then took the NCAA Championship 2 years in a row. This made the Duke Starter jacket worth every penny, even though I couldn’t snag even the ugly chicks in 7th grade.

Now go read about these other dudes who had jackets even worse than mine.

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