Against the Spread (Championship Edition)

DeGags December 5, 2008 5

This weekend is the closest we will get to a playoff system for a few years. I can’t stand the defeatist “not in my lifetime” comments made by some commentators who favor it. It will happen, because it’s the right thing to do. Yes the traditional BCS set up is an institution, sort of like slavery was a traditional institution, and like slavery it is just as disgusting. This country has a great history of fixing its f*ck ups, like when it was believed prohibition was a good idea. Well the BCS has lasted a lifetime, and unless it’s immortal, the grim reaper is knocking on its door. 100 Units on the BCS being scrapped by 2020, and the institution of a playoff system in NCAAF.


I have 3 teasers for this weekend:

I start with the following 4 game teaser; teased 13.5 points:
Missouri over Oklahoma + 30.5. I could have easily teased this down to OK -4.5 points, but even though I know that OK will dominate Missouri, I believe that the likelihood is greater that the game is close than there is a 30 point blow out. Fell free to go with OK on this one, my gut says OK wins this one, but I think we’re safe with 30 points.
Alabama over Florida + 23.5 points. Florida is supposed to win this one. The Tide are Gator Bait. Remember 1992? The first ever championship game staged between two division winners? Bama was Gator Bait then, and they are now. But wait…With the game tied at 21 and the Gators facing first-and-10 at their own 21, Alabama cornerback Antonio Langham returned an interception 27 yards for the game-winning score. Florida will not beat this team by 24 points. Bama will control the clock, they will take their time with the ball. Either team can win, neither team will dominate by 24 points. Roll Tide!
Boston College over VT + 13.5 points. The Eagles aren’t as good as the Hokies, but I don’t like VT to win this game. Heart will win this game for BC, the 13.5 points a just a buffer.
Navy over Army +1.5 points. Navy will win this game, and it won’t be that close. This is padding for the other three.

I put 5 units on this teaser, it pays 3.5 units.

Next we have another 4 game teaser, teased 13.5 points:
West Virginia over USF + 6.5 points. The Bulls aren’t that bad, but the Mountaineers are relentless at home. They hate being unranked this season and have something to prove.
Pitt over CT +16.5 pts. Pitt is the better team, I like Pitt to win outright, getting 16.5 points is a beautiful thing.
Ball St over Buffalo -1.5 pts. Again, Ball St is going to win this one, just grabbing some free points.
Rutgers over Louisville +3.5. Rutgers favored over the Cardinals?? This is why they play the games, Louisville surprised everyone by sucking, Rutgers surprised everyone by winning 5 straight. Rutgers will win this one, but I don’t like them by 10 points, I love them as underdogs!!

I put 2.5 units on this teaser; it pays 1.75 units

Finally, one more teaser. yup, 4 games, teased 13.5 points.
Tulsa over East Carolina.
I like Tulsa, especially by 13.5 points, so at even money I am feeling very confident here.
Cinn over Hawaii + 6. I really like Cincy, what makes me nervous is Cincy playing in Hawaii. It’s a 14 hour flight, it’s a vacation paradise, it’s not Ohio’s football country. But I think +6 is safe enough.
UCLA over USC + 45 points. USC OVER RATED!!! UCLA SUCKS!! USC will walk all over UCLA, this game will be easier than Patty Hostin at a Christmas party for the Trojans. But I can’t take USC by 45 points, especially when there is no need for style points, and Pete Carroll has too much class. UCLA with 45 points is the way to go.
Washington over Cal + 47.5 points. Cal sucks. They say that 9 out of 10 women in Cali are hot, the other 10% go to Berkeley. I don’t really care, but it sounds like a bad omen. I like Washington to stay in this one.

I put 2.5 units to pay 1.75.

Record: 22-19 (+13.5 units)


  1. Soog December 5, 2008 at 10:31 am -

    Teasers!! You give us freakin teasers. Have some balls and pick ATS!

  2. Big John December 5, 2008 at 11:09 am -

    I agree, give me somethin I can sink my teeth into. I don’t mind a combo here or there, but I want some real bets here. That said, I took your teasers, at least we have 1 down. I really wish you had called that Rutgers game though.

  3. Big G December 5, 2008 at 1:22 pm -

    all teasers! this post is garbage.

  4. King Ing December 5, 2008 at 2:02 pm -

    Post with picks will be coming up later today or early tomorrow morning!

    Now shut it

  5. ilikegambling December 5, 2008 at 3:15 pm -

    a 13.5 teaser, wow, bold picks

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