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Justin December 4, 2008 0

It’s been awhile since we’ve done this, but we’re back with more things that will make your life better.

The New Jersey Nets

This is how you break down a franchise and build it back up. The Jason Kidd trade may be one of the five or six best trades in the last decade. Devin Harris is already better than Kidd, and his presence has allowed Lawrence Frank to institute a new offense which suits Vince Carter’s game better. Harris becoming a legitimate NBA scoring threat is just icing on the cake. Meantime, the team has drafted brilliantly over the last few years, picking up two solid big men in Shawne WIlliams and Josh Boone, and a potential future star in whichever Lopez brother it is that they have ( I have made a promise to myself never to learn which one is which.)  So, you have a young roster playing exciting basketball with a potential hall of famer as your top scorer, a pair of future All Stars in your starting lineup, and a solid bench made up of young up and comers and solid veterans. All the while, you’ve cleared cap space to take a run at all those free agents in 2010.

It’s not just the roster. Watch a Nets game on Yes. You either get Marv and Fratello, who are an obvious first class duo, or you get Ian Eagle and Jim Spanarkle, who are great as well. Either way, you’ll get solid analysis mixed with legitimately funny commentary.

Call them a second class franchise all you want. But you’ll see the Nets back in the playoffs long before the Knicks.

Ahmad, GP and the CWebb.

NBA TV threw these guys together on Tuesday Nights, and it really works. The chemistry is similar to Inside the NBA.. with Webber in the Kenny Smith role and Payton as Charles Barkley. Payton’s rant about the All Star Ballots was classic, arguing that a guy like Nick Collison would never ever be an All Star, so they shouldn’t waste a ballot spot on him. Check them out.

Heat and Hot Water

You don’t realize you miss them until they’re gone. The boiler is being replaced in my building. You know what? it gets cold at night in December. You shouldn’t have to sleep in heavy ski socks with four blankets. And hot water is also very useful. Don’t get me wrong, I like walking 5 blocks to shower (Thanks Bret and Caroline) and I love having my friends’ cat watch as I get dressed.  But, what I like even more is being warm and clean inside my own home.

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