The Raptors’ New Coach is a 16 Year Old Girl

Justin December 3, 2008 0

Meet Jay Triano. He’s been selected as the Toronto Raptors’ Interim Coach, following the dismissal of Sam Mitchell.

He’s the first Canadian-born coach in NBA history.  After reading this interview with him, I am willing to bet that he has watched a lot of DeGrassi over the years.

Highlights after the jump:

1. He does not hang out with Plaxico Burress when he has a night off in New York

We had a night off in New York and I was walking the street and some guy handed me a ticket and said “We were supposed to meet our son here and take him to the show ‘RENT’, but he can’t make it.” I thought it was a scam, but it turned out to be great. I was in awe of the talent, the story, and the professionalism. I couldn’t wait to get back to NY and every time I got back there I went and tried to get in again. The second and third time I couldn’t believe how much more I had missed, and walked away feeling the same excitement. I guess after the third time you become a “RENT HEAD”. I have tried other Broadway shows and will continue to do so but that was my first and my favourite.

2. He does not have the same ipod playlists as his players, unless he also coaches a WNBA squad from 1996

Don’t know if it would be a surprise or not but anything by Sarah McLachlan. First, she and her husband are friends of mine from back in the day when they were Vancouver Grizzlies fans. Secondly, when I do put on music … it is to relax and just kick back so I love her voice and her music.

3. He has better things to do with his time than play stupid computer games.

Really don’t have time anymore and I think the last time I played a game for any period of time it was something like Sega golf? It’s crazy, but a bunch of my ex-players at Simon Fraser are now in charge of building the games at EA Sports in Burnaby . I get the games and give them to my son who loves the Madden and NBA Live games.

The loss of Sam Mitchell is a big one. Not because of his coaching, but because of his wardrobe. He’s one nattily dressed gentleman. And from the sound of it, his replacement probably wears baggy sweaters and looks “smart cute” but not traditionally attractive.

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