The SCP Thanksgiving Wrap-up

California Correspondent December 1, 2008 0

We all gave thanks, ate turkey, drank beer, and watched football last weekend. And now we’re back at work, sitting at our desks, and counting the days until we can repeat this series of events (note: it’s only 23 days away). Here is our wrap of Thanksgiving ’08.

As you drink your coffee this morning, take a moment to check out our Biggest Douche Tourney. We’re down to the final round and voting will close soon. Curtis Montague Schilling holds a narrow lead over Barry Lamar Bonds.



¹ “To pull a DV”: DV stands for Derrick Victor, a kid I went to high school with. In our junior year he shot himself in the foot with a loaded gun and now whenever anyone shoots themself it will now be referred to pulling a DV.

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