Constructing The Plaxico Burress Defense Case

California Correspondent December 1, 2008 1

Benjamin Brafman, the self-described pudgy Pauly Walnuts “short Jewish guy” (pictured between Diddy and Russell Simmons) has been hired to defend Plaxico Burress. Brafman, the genius defense attorney who has made a career out of acquitting long-shot clients, mobsters, and high profile stars should have a good shot at getting Plaxico off the hook for shooting himself. Brafman made a mockery of the NY District Attorney in 1999 when he got P-Diddy off of charges related to the nightclub shooting where Diddy reportedly flashed his gun right before a shoot-out in Club New York, where 3 people got shot. If Diddy can whip out a gun, shoot people and get off the charges, shouldn’t it be a piece of cake for Brafman to help out Burress who only droped his gun down his pants and shot himself in the leg?

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  1. BurghEsq02 December 6, 2008 at 8:58 pm -

    Problem for Plax (and his lawyer) is that New York law has changed. In 1999 when Diddy pulled his gun (and was acquitted), 2nd degree possession of a weapon required “intent to commit an unlawful act” by the permitless holder of the weapon. In 2006, that part of the law was altered such that merely being in possession of a loaded weapon without a permit is enough to be convicted of 2nd degree possession of a weapon and get the 3.5 years.

    Moral of the story – Plax is toast.

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