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Of Sweathogs and Superbowls

Justin November 11, 2008 3

A once great performer who spent the better part of a decade playing bit roles and appearing on the periphery of the scene all of a sudden re-enters the national consciousness with a career

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Will video-game royalties curb ex-NFL players from desperate appearances and money-making schemes? Probably not.

California Correspondent November 11, 2008 0

A federal jury just ruled that the NFL Players Association must pay its retired players $28 million in royalties from licensing deals with video game companies, such as Electronic Arts, who used the players images

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Houston’s Philip Hunt put a very late hit on Tulane’s Joe Kemp

King Ing November 11, 2008 0

Dr. Saturday finds video of the vicious late hit by Houston’s Philip Hunt on unsuspecting Joe Kemp of Tulane. The QB ended up with a broken collarbone, effectively ending his season. Hunt swears that

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My Favorite Red Sock (Sox?)

Justin November 10, 2008 0

What is the proper singular form of Red Sox? Is it Red Sock? or are the Red Sox like Moose? Anyways… I hate them. But, I like Bill “Spaceman” Lee.  Here’s why

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This is legal?

King Ing November 10, 2008 2

Eli Manning really stretches the beyond the line of scrimmage rule

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Cristiano Ronaldo is really into himself

King Ing November 10, 2008 3

Nereida Gallardo talked with NewsoftheWorld about her ex Cristiano Ronaldo and we find out just how much the Manchester United star is into himself. “He likes his body to be smooth all over and

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The Vikings Charles Gordon’s freakish ankle break

King Ing November 10, 2008 1

This is not for the squeamish. On a punt return, the Minnesota Vikings’ Charles Gordon was tackled by the Packers Desmond Bishop. The result of the tackle is not pretty

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Justin Timberlake has nothing on this young Phillies fan

King Ing November 8, 2008 0

So out of all the Phillies celebration videos, I think this one is definitely my favorite. As you can see, young Will holds the fate of the crowd in his little hands. Every movement

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Saturday Matchup: Alabama Crimson Tide v LSU Tigers

King Ing November 7, 2008 0

What do we have here, another college co-ed matchup featuring the SEC. This one focuses on the Alabama Crimson TIde (-3.5) v the LSU Tigers. It is the return of Nick Saban to the

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The SportsCracklePop Law of Stupid Athletes

California Correspondent November 7, 2008 1

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg gave a keynote yesterday on his Law of Information Sharing. He said “I would expect that next year, people will share twice as much information as they share this year,

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