I wasn’t invited to the Adidas Originals House Party

King Ing November 25, 2008 1

AwfulAnnouncing posted the invitation video to the Adidas Originals House Party featuring various celebrities including David Beckham, Kevin Garnett, and Russell Simmons. Something in which I wasn’t invited to. And now comes the video of the actual party and it looked like a blazing time. Katy Perry seemed to be enjoying herself.

This video makes me actually want to go out and buy a pair of Adidas’ now. Damn viral marketing!

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  1. Benoit Martel March 31, 2009 at 4:13 pm -

    Hi Everyone,

    If you like the song for the Adidas Originals House Party, it was made originaly by Frankie Valli and it’s called Beggin. The song was remix by Pelooski. Other remix versions where also created by Boogie Studio for the web videos.

    If anyone wants to hear the proposed remix created for web videos, feel free to check them out at:

    boogiestudio dot com/blog/2009/03/26/adidasoriginals/


    Benoit Martel
    Boogie Studio
    http://www.boogiestudio dot com

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