Neil Rackers wasting my time with the fair catch kick

King Ing November 24, 2008 0

The Arizona Cardinals attempted to convert the first fair catch kick. What is that you ask?

“After a fair catch, the receiving team has the option to put the ball in play by a snap or a fair catch kick (field goal attempt), with fair catch kick lines established ten yards apart. All general rules apply as for a field goal attempt from scrimmage. The clock starts when the ball is kicked. (No tee permitted.)”

As you can see in the video below, the buildup was over the top and the result a disaster. Thanks Moose Johnson. And while we are at it, why wasn’t FOX’s “number one” announce team of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman doing the game. It should have been FOX’s marquee game, but instead they were regulated to announcing the 49ers-Cowboys blowout. I don’t want to hear Tony Siragusa, give me some Pam Oliver analysis. Network executives are idiots!

-H/T Sportaphile

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