Gianluigi Buffon? Transfer? Get Outta Here!!!

Gianluca November 24, 2008 0

My friend asked me how I feel about Manchester City’s tempting 75 million Euros for the world’s best goalkeeper Gigi Buffon.

Yes you read that right. 75 Million Euros, which is more than $100 Million USD.

I honestly consider Gianluigi Buffon the best goalkeeper in the history of Soccer and while I am at it any other sport that requires the use of a goalie. The only other goalies to come close are fellow Italians Dino Zoff and Walter Zenga. By studying stats alone, we realize Buffon is #1 and there is no second. Any comparable, contemporary third still doesn’t cut it. He is not only turning 31 January 2009, but has been injured for a few months.

No matter, he is STILL a hot commodity.

As an Italian, I would prefer he stay in Italy and make it harder for other countries’ club teams to score. But if he were to leave Italy for a foreign team, Manchester City, in my humble opinion, is not BIG enough to deserve someone like Gigi.

But then again, 75 million Euros……

By not allowing any live action goal during the WHOLE 2006 World Cup,  this guy deserves to be pampered by the likes of Man U. Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Real, Barcelona, etc etc. He scored a record transfer fee years back when he switched from Parma to Juve, but this time I believe patriotism is more important than money. Gigi Buffon is an Italian icon. Let the world be envious.

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