Against the Spread (College Football Week 13)

DeGags November 21, 2008 1

DeGags is back! After a horrendous first week he comes back with a 16 unit win. If he keeps this up, that case of PBR will be his in no time.

Michigan at Ohio St. One of my favorite rivalries in the past. This is an extremely one sided match up this season. I think that OSU giving 21 points is ridiculous, The Wolverines are that bad, but OSU is not that good. Right? Well, that is exactly why they will cover. The Buckeyes have had a dismal season, they angry and right at the perfect time. OSU wins 40-17, that’s enough to cover. 1 Unit OSU over Michigan -21 ATS.

Tennessee at Vanderbilt. Tennessee is not the same Tenn of old. The Vols have been struggling the past 3 years. Vandy is playing well, and can cover the 3 points at home. Those who know me, know how I feel about Vandy this year. They got blown out by an excellent Gator team that will prove to the nation that they are the best team in college fb. But Vandy is past that and will win by a TD. 27-21 Vandy over Tenn. 1 Unit Vandy over Tenn -3 ATS.

Mississippi at LSU. The Tigers are dissapointing this season, but they still have the ability to win. Mississippi may be the better team in Mississippi, but here in Louisiana they don’t stand a chance. 38- 24 LSU over Mississippi 1 Unit -3 ATS.

Stanford at Cal. My boys at Stanford have been covering for me for two years in this match up. And even though Patty Hostin does not deserve to see her school win (she once screamed at a 10 year old kid stating he was a “Stanford Pussy” because he was wearing a Stanford sweatshirt.) She will get that pleasure this year, and by a killer margin. Cal wins 41-29 at home. Therefore, we take 3 Units on UC Berkeley over Stanford -9 ATS.

Florida St. at MD. Florida State is the better school. This battle of the MAC best will be missing a key ingredient Saturday night as he sits before the Rhodes Scholarship board. No way, no chance, no how can Florida St. win this one without him. But he may fly in to play the 2nd half. Have you flown lately? If he were taking Amtrak I’d put my money on him, but he’s not, so he will arrive late. Possible snow and the fact that flying in this country takes longer than taking the train, MD pulls this off. 38-28 MD over Florida St. 1 Unit MD +1 over FSU.

Texas Tech at Oklahoma. Go Red Raiders. I love this TTU team. But they are playing in a nasty territory, and against a team that could be in the national championship game if we had a playoff system. Even if TTU loses, they are still a great team. This will be a close one, but the Sooners squeak it out 54-47. 1 Unit OU over TTU -6.5 ATS.

Citadel at Florida. Florida will win this game with it’s Freshman squad. But they will not run up the score. They will take a 35-0 lead before the 1/2 and send the starters to the restraint to begin the celebration. The 2nd string boys will give up a TD and a field goal, and get a FG themselves. 38-10 Florida. 3 Units Citadel over Florida +55 ATS.

Record: 8-10 (-4.3 units)

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