The New Face Of Racism

Justin November 19, 2008 0

Brian Scalabrine recently asked Celtics fans to stop cheering specifically for him, and instead to support the C’s as a whole. He says the personal applause takes away from team unity and is a little bit embarrassing. I think there’s more to it.

''An irritant''

Let’s say there’s a guy on your favorite team’s roster. He’s 6’10” with 3 point range, a nose for rebounds, and an incredible basketball IQ coming off the bench. He’s a playoff veteran who once won a triple overtime game in the postseason himself. He’s played in three NBA finals and won a championship.  Would you treat him as a sideshow? Would you cheer for him as if he was a human victory cigar, only to be brought out in blowouts? Of course not.

So, what’s different about Brian Scalabrine compared to this hypothetical player? Scalabrine’s white and he has red hair.  His race has turned him into a scrub, even though he has enough talent to be one of the top bench contributors in the league.

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