Which Superbowl Ads Are Getting Axed?

California Correspondent November 14, 2008 0

With the economic meltdown fully upon us, how is NBC doing with the sales of their 2009 Superbowl ads? Rumor is that their ad sales halted in September, with many of the big names from 2008 not renewing. General Motors, Garmin, Federal Express, and Dell are likely to be out of the picture this year. Hell, half of those companies will be lucky to even be in business come February!

Here we take a close look at the companies that advertised in 08 — rate who is likely to advertise again, who won’t, and who will step up to buy some of the Superbowl ad spots at fire-sale prices.

First, let me provide the full list of advertisers from 2008 

Budweiser, Pepsi, Bridgestone, GoDaddy.com, FedEx, Tide, Paramount Pictures, Audi, Salesgenie.com, Under Armour, Gatorade, Dell, Cars.com, Toyota, Universal Pictures, CareerBuilder, General Motors, Walt Disney, T-Mobile, Doritos, Zantac, Doritos, Garmin, Life Water, Planters Nuts, Lexus, New Line Cinemas, Ice Breakers, Sunsilk, Hyundai, E-Trade, NFL.com, Coca-cola, Taco Bell, Victoria’s Secret, Amp.

So who is out? 

1. The automotive category will definitely take a hit. Definitely count out General Motors since they won’t even be in business by the Super Bowl. Do you really need new Bridgestone tires, or can you get another 10,000 miles out of your old ass treads? And how about Cars.com? Unless you need to sell your car to cover your rent, you are probably going to keep your old Honda Civic another 2 years until the economy turns around. 

2. Technology companies are cutting budgets big time. Don’t expect to see ads from Garmin, Salesgenie.com, or Dell this year. Dell’s management is a total mess, and demand is down big time on their commodity PCs – not to mention the fact everyone is buying a Mac lately. I am not a PC.   

3. Big brands who can get by without advertising. Federal Express, Tide, and Victoria’s Secret probably don’t need to advertise this year. If you’re going to mail off your bankruptcy documents, won’t you use FedEx anyway? Also, you can’t wash your clothes without Tide, so why did they even advertise in the first place? And crap, if you’re going to splurge and get your woman some sexy lingerie, isn’t Victoria’s Secret your first stop?

Who will step up and buy these slots?

With sales at a halt, prices will come down. So who will step up and get a bargain Superbowl ad?

1. Companies who do well in down economies. While I doubt we’ll see handguns and safes advertised during the Superbowl – healthcare, pharmaceutical and insurance companies may find the prices reasonable to step up. I mean, if you get laid off from work, you still need your Viagra to get laid on the weekends, right? Also, if you’re depressed because your house is underwater, chances are that isn’t stopping you from boozing. Last year Budweiser was the only alcohol company advertising. Where is Michelob and Jack Daniels when we need them? 

2. Companies with lots of cash in the bank. Google typically doesn’t advertise, but what’s stopping Apple or Microsoft? They both have truck loads of cash and their businesses are strong (Disclosure: I own stock in them all).

3. Media companies. If NBC can’t fill all their slots, we’re bound to see ads for The Office, Heroes, and 30 Rock. NBC could also negotiate and sell this space at a discount to other media companies in exchange for their ad inventory. I also definitely expect to see ads for the big blockbuster holiday movies, whatever those films might be. 

Anyone else you expect (or know) will be advertising this year? 

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