When 5th Place Gets You More Cash Than 1st Place

California Correspondent November 13, 2008 4

When 24 year-old Tim Lincecum won the NL Cy Young award earlier this week, he was all teeth smiles at his press conference. He pitched a hell of a season and dominated in the Cy Young voting.

It’s not at all surprising that Lincecum won the award. But what’s totally remarkable is the fact that Brandon Webb boosted the buyout of his 2010 contract option by $500,000 for finishing as runner-up, Johan Santana earned $50,000 for a third-place finish, CC Sabathia took home $75,000 for a 5th place finish, and Tim Lincecum doesn’t even get to expense his taxi ride to the stadium for the Cy Young press conference.

To put this into perspective, Lincecum was paid $405,000 in 2008 (just $5k over the league minimum) — so that makes Sabathia’s Cy Young award for 5th place almost 20% of what Lincecum made all year — and Webb’s buyout option in 2010 increased by more than what Lincecum took home all f***ing year. Is that fair? No. But is life fair? No.

So what does this mean for Lincecum’s future earnings? Well, his pay check for 2009 is up to the Giants. He could theoretically get paid the league minimum again. But then that would obviously create ill will between Tim and the ballclub.

According to his agent, Rick Thurman, Tim is open to signing a multi-year deal with the Giants or he will be happy to continue going year to year. What I don’t get is why Lincecum is getting screwed on his contract while he’s the best starting pitcher in the NL.

Here’s my advice, Tim. Get an agent who will get you some cash now before Barry Zito and the rest of the Giants organization start to rub off on you.


  1. odouble November 14, 2008 at 1:11 am -

    Thurman reps Brian Fuentes, Tom Gordon, Trevor Hoffman, & Jacque Jones. He just blew Hoffman’s signing with SD, Jones is down in the minors, and it will be interesting to see what he can get for Tom Gordon as a free agent. Lincecum needs to find a better agent for sure.

  2. JoseOle November 14, 2008 at 3:45 pm -

    Scott Boras says this guy is worth more than Manny, well not really. I hate the guy, but if I had a contract to do I would have him doing it.

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