The Assassination of Michael Jordan by the Coward Kobe Bryant

King Ing November 12, 2008 0

TheSportsDollar finds a video someone mixed together that tries to tell the story about Kobe Bryant being the new Michael Jordan. As the YouTube author explains it;

“With this mix I tried to do a figurative assassination of Michael Jordan. Most people will probably interpret the MJ plays followed by the Kobe ones as a comparison and it is, but at the same time it is also showing Kobe erasing or eclipsing MJ. When you think of the greatest today, you think of Kobe Bryant, he’s clutch, he scores at will, he makes impossible shots and is just breathtaking on the court. He’s the MJ for a new generation.”

I probably am a little biased as I watched Jordan growing up so I still think he is the Greatest of All Time.

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