Is This the Change We Can Believe In?

Justin November 12, 2008 1

Now that we’ve elected the first basketball President, it seems our media worlds are colliding.

We should have seen it coming, when Keith Olberman went from Sportscenter wise ass to Liberal Pundit in less than a decade. But, as of last night, the transition is officially complete.  Political coverage and Sports coverage are now one.  The evidence, after the jump:

Ahmad Rashad was joined last night on his NBA-TV pregame show by Gary Payton, Chris Webber and… John King from CNN. He brought his famous magic map and applied it to roundball.

Later in the evening, Charlie Rose transitioned from a discussion of the Economy with a Hedge Fund Manager to a discussion of… the Knicks, with Mike D’Antoni (which is not yet online.. but here’s Charlie’s website

Add that to the Chris Berman interviews of both Obama and John McCain, and we’ve truly reached a surreal place. Either sports has been elevated to a dangerously high pedestal in American life, or politics has been reduced to just another competition. Either way, not good.

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  1. Scott Salley November 12, 2008 at 2:50 pm -

    I think the most shocking thing about this post is that Ahmad Rashad is still employed. I had no idea!! Shows how much nba-tv I watch.

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