Athletes + Facebook = You’re Fired

California Correspondent November 7, 2008 0

It has been a rough year, and an even rougher week, for morons athletes who use Facebook. Here is a break down of the idiots people who have gotten the boot this year after posting crap on their Facebook page.

November 6, 2008Texas Lineman Gets Kicked Off Team for Racist Facebook Message to Barack Obama.

November 5, 2008Caitlin Davis booted from the Patriots Cheerleading squad after swastika photos surface on Facebook.

September 18,2008UVa starting quarterback Peter Lalich booted from the team. Incriminating photos found on his Facebook page.

June-August: Summer vacation! Administrators stop looking at Facebook for 3 months.

April 29th, 2008University of Buffalo Hoops star kicked off the team after posting an ad on Facebook looking for a fellow student to write his paper.

March 25,2008Womens track team suspended after drinking photos posted on Facebook.

January 28, 2008Wake Forest running back booted from team after saying he would ‘blow up campus’ on Facebook

January 9, 2008High school athletes suspended after coaches find drinking photos on their Facebook profile.

Maybe every athletic director should make their athletes read this: How to Avoid Getting Fired by Facebook

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