Against the Spread (College Football Week 11) Part 2

DeGags November 7, 2008 5

So the Maryland play didn’t work out the way we wanted, but we give DeGags the benefit of the doubt. This weekend will be huge and if it isn’t DeGags said he will drink all this beer as punishment. So have faith in the Italian Stallion.

Friday night matches up Fresno St. against Nevada. Fresno St. began the season with a tremendous upset of the Scarlet Knights and continued to play well with all 3 of their losses being 3 point decisions. Fresno St. easily could have been undefeated this year and clearly is the more dominant team compared to Nevada. Granted 2 of Nevada’s losses came against #6 Missouri and #12 Texas Tech (Now #2), they also lost to New Mexico State. That being said I only like Fresno St. for 2 Units ATS. I take the over in this one, 3 Units.


Several great games that will put me to the test, but stick with me and I’ll see you through.

Let’s start with #11 Ohio St. at #24 Northwestern. # 3 Penn St. needs Ohio St. to win this game, giving PSU’s victory over Ohio State more credence. Northwestern defeated an undefeated 17th ranked Minnesota last weekend 24-17. Other than that victory NW has done nothing this year to make me believe that they can beat an overrated OSU ball club. OSU has dominated in all of it’s games (Purdue defensively) except for the USC and PSU games; USC was #1 at the time and PSU is now 3rd. I’m taking OSU by 3 Units ATS and 1 Unit on the under.

Syracuse at Rutgers. Worthless game. But since they are playing it, you might as well profit. Both teams coming off of upsets, The Orange are by far the worse of the two teams. Rutgers is playing much better since their 0-3 start, Syracuse will not out play them on Saturday. 1 Unit on Rutgers -14 ATS.

#13 Georgia at Kentucky. Get off the Kentucky bandwagon, the Wildcats have not beat anyone significant and they certainly are not going to start now. I take Georgia by -7, 4 Units ATS. Georgia’s only 2 losses have been against Championship contenders. The Bulldogs are the #3 best team in the country, behind the 2 teams that they lost to, Alabama and Florida.

Arkansas against South Carolina. Arkansas is better than their record, but not better than South Carolina. The Razorbacks have had the most difficult schedule in the SEC and have paid dearly for it; facing Bama, Texas and Florida 3 straight weeks in a row. I like SC at home, but am only putting 1 Unit on SC to win. SC is the better team, but Arkansas could upset this weekend.

#1 Alabama at LSU. LSU will play the game of their lives this Saturday. Alabama has two tough games left: LSU and the SEC bowl game against Florida. With PSU going undefeated, Bama will need to beat LSU this weekend to guarantee a spot at the big game. This game will not be a blow out. LSU has only lost 2 games this year and both of those have been games were their opponent scored 50 points or more. The Tide has not scored 50 points in one game this year. LSU CAN win this game. But under no circumstances should they, and for that reason I am putting 5 Units on Alabama -3 ATS.

#3 Penn State at Iowa. Penn State is undefeated because the entire team is good. Jo Pa has never had a better team, maybe 1979, but even this team would beat them. Iowa is a 7 point underdog at home. Iowa is a good team, but they are not great. The Nittany Lions claim this one easy. All over PSU with 5 units -7.5 ATS. PICK OF THE WEEK

#9 OK State at #2 Texas Tech. I love Texas Tech, was all over them against Texas last week. This team gave it their all last week, their out of gas and won’t have what it will take to beat OK State. I say this as I will be rooting for them. But I take OK State 3 Units ATS over TT.

#5 Florida at Vanderbilt. Florida is outstanding. Best team in college football. They will beat Vandy, but not by the 25 points the odds makers are giving. Vandy is at home, and underrated. This is my sleeper pick of the week. 3 Units on Vandy +25 ATS.

#21 Cal at #7 USC. I was a Cal fan a few years back. I hate Berkeley the school, but I love the location, I love the town and the stadium has the best location of any sports arena in this country. But the team, like the students the school produces disappoints and is overrated, and it can’t win big games. Stanford students are smarter, and USC athletes are better; USC will win this game. They will win it by 30 points, at home and try and prove they deserve to be ranked in the top 5. They don’t, not with the quality of the teams out there, but they will try and prove it. I have USC -28 points, 2 Units ATS.

Good luck and God Bless.

Record: 0-1 (-5 units)


  1. Dana November 7, 2008 at 12:02 pm -

    In the second paragraph from the bottom describing the Florida/Vandy matchup: in the third sentence the comma after “…in college football” should be replaced with a period, with the “perhaps” being omitted.

  2. California Correspondent November 7, 2008 at 2:37 pm -

    Dana, can we hire you to copy edit the whole site? We’ll pay you a kick in the pants once every two weeks.

  3. Rodd November 7, 2008 at 4:04 pm -

    Pick a few more favorites you SQUARE!

  4. College Football Opinions November 27, 2008 at 10:26 pm -

    I think you nailed it on the head!! That\’s the point that everyone here has failed to make, nice work!! I am going to place a link to you on my blogroll, ok?

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