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Who’s The Biggest Douche in Sports?

Justin October 6, 2008 0

Round 2 continues.  We’ve already had one matchup in the Elite 8. And keep track of the whole tournament with the bracket. Today’s Matchup: 1. Isiah Thomas vs. 3. Scott Boras [poll id=”16&#

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Cristiano Ronaldo shot down by Elisa Sanchez

King Ing October 6, 2008 4

Soccer stud Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t usually get brushed off by the ladies. So when it happens, it will definitely be a top story in the British tabloids. The Sun tells the story of Ronaldo

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Seth Petruzelli worked Kimbo Slice in 14 seconds

King Ing October 6, 2008 0

Kimbo Slice was suppose to be the man who carried EliteXC to UFC type levels. After Saturday night, Elite might have to find a new flag bearer. Seth Petruzelli, a fill in for the

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Am I a frontrunner if I buy a Dodgers hat this weekend?

California Correspondent October 5, 2008 1

They say hindsight is 20-20. What a bitch that can be. Just ask Hank Steinbrenner. Torre is in the post-season for his 13th consecutive year, making this the first time the Dodgers have made

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Caption This

King Ing October 3, 2008 0

Stephon Marbury gives some unlucky guy a hug. This has “don’t touch me” written all over it

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“Long Ball” Longoria

California Correspondent October 2, 2008 0

In his first playoff game ever, Evan Longoria hit a solo shot in the second and the third inning. The only thing I could think about after hearing this news is captured by Leon

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Cant wait for March Madness? Here is September Madness

California Correspondent October 2, 2008 2

I’m betting against “Barklays”, since it’s spelled wrong. And I’m putting money on Goldman taking the title

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Punch-Out!! will return for the Nintendo Wii in 2009

King Ing October 2, 2008 0

This is the best news I heard all day! FirstCuts has a screenshot of Little Mac taking on what looks like to be the improved Glass Joe. I seriously love this game. Anyone remember

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Carey Price: “That’s the save of the year, and it’s not even the year yet!”

King Ing October 2, 2008 0

Montreal Canadiens goalie Carey Price made a unbelievable save against the Detroit Red Wings Brian Rafalski a couple nights ago. I can’t imagine the reflexes involved in tending goal, but this play took it

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Help support athletic programs in high poverty public schools and win a guest post on our blog!

California Correspondent October 1, 2008 1

If you’d like to write a guest post on SportsCracklePop while supporting kids in under-funded schools, please keep reading…. is an organization that provides resources for high-need public schools, and today they launched

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