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King Ing October 8, 2008 1

Deadspin has this great picture of Greg Oden. He looks so very happy to meet all of his fans

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Antwaan Randle El knows how to hype up the Redskins

King Ing October 8, 2008 0

We all know that the NFC East is by far the best division in the NFL and each win within it is one to be proud of. So after the Washington Redskin defeated the

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TBS Really Needs Better Advertising

California Correspondent October 8, 2008 0

I’m not alone when I say that the advertising on TBS really sucks. Even my girlfriend is starting to complain when I  watch baseball because of the terrible Viagra jingle and those annoying Frank

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Someone Needs To Tell StubHub That The Cubs Lost

California Correspondent October 8, 2008 1

I was browsing the web last night when I saw the following ad from StubHub. Did StubHub’s ad manager call in sick this week or are they really trying to rub it in the

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Historic Lows?

Justin October 7, 2008 0

A season after the Patriots completed arguably the greatest regular season in NFL history, there is no clear cut best team. Blame the Brady injury, or the Colts getting old, or a simple underappreciation

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The last skateboarding video you ever need to see

California Correspondent October 7, 2008 0

I’ve always felt that if you’ve seen one stakeboarding video, you’ve seen them all. Crazy kick flips, ollies, toe grabs, broken bones, bad spills, back side whatevers… It took Spike Jones to take skating

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Red Sox have a flair for the dramatic

King Ing October 7, 2008 1

The Boston Red Sox make it back to the ALCS with a dramatic series clinching win over the Angels. It was sick play after sick play! I guess that is what playoff baseball is

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What Kimbo Slice and Dick Fuld Now Have in Common

California Correspondent October 7, 2008 5

If you thought Kimbo Slice got paid nicely to get knocked out 14 seconds, think again. News broke this afternoon that Lehman Brothers CEO Dick Fuld got knocked out cold by a former employee

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The Crackle Recommends

Justin October 6, 2008 0

Here we go with another installation in the wildly popular series where I tell you things that I like, and then you read those things. It’s a system that has worked wonderfully up to

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Caption This

King Ing October 6, 2008 1

One might say Alex Rodriguez has too much money on his hand

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