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The Bolton Wanderers know how to increase ticket sales

King Ing October 17, 2008 1

With the almost regulated Bolton Wanderers floundering near the bottom of the English Premier League table, the management needed to do something to boost attendance. So what did they decide to do? According to

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The Red Sox send the ALCS back to Tampa

King Ing October 17, 2008 0

What a comeback! The Red Sox waited until they were 7-0 down with seven outs left before they started their charge. Things looked bleak as BJ Upton, Carlos Pena, and Evan Longoria continued to

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Who’s The Biggest Douche in Sports?

Justin October 16, 2008 0

Time for the last matchup of the second round. Here are 1, 2, 3 and the bracket. Today’s Matchup 1. Barry Bonds vs 2. Tiki Barber [poll id="18"

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Serial WAG Danielle Lloyd launches her own modeling agency

King Ing October 16, 2008 3

This really has nothing to do with sports, but since former Miss England and Miss Great Britain Danielle Lloyd has dated her fair share of footballers including Teddy Sheringham, Marcus Bent, and Jermain Defoe

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Thursday Matchup: Florida St. Seminoles v NC State Wolfpack

King Ing October 16, 2008 3

The ACC will represent today’s college co-ed matchup. With one of the better looking student bodies in all of America we have the Florida St. Seminoles (-11) squaring off against the North Carolina St.

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The Phillies will try to bring a title to Philly for the first time in 25 years

King Ing October 16, 2008 0

The National League champion has been crowned; as the Philadelphia Phillies whooped up on the Los Angeles Dodgers. They look like a determined group and whether they face the Rays or the Red Sox,

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Please Call Me If The Dodgers Score

California Correspondent October 15, 2008 1

It’s the third inning and the Dodgers are down 3-0 to the Phillies – and it looks like the momentum is with the Phillies. I’m flipping the channel to watch McCain and Obama argue

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Michael Jordan with a sick sand save

King Ing October 15, 2008 2

NESWSports finds a video of Michael Jordan chipping in from the sand. I don’t know when this was from, but it doesn’t look that recent. Look at the short shorts of the camera guys?

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Woody Johnson should have turned his cellphone off in a hospital

King Ing October 15, 2008 1

The owner of the New York Jets Woody Johnson must have been ecstatic over the birth of his new baby boy. Probably to the point where he mistakenly dialed up his ex-girlfriend on the

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Caption This

King Ing October 15, 2008 0

The Colombian National soccer team really knows how to stretch it out! Only thing that would have made this picture better is if Carlos Valderrama was in it

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