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Kevin Martin dunks on the Portland Trailblazers

King Ing October 21, 2008 2

The Sacramento Kings aren’t suppose to contend this year with their lackluster talent. Other than Kevin Martin who do they have. He was always an outside shooter; I didn’t think he had this type

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The New York Giants Jason Bell is dating Nadine Coyle

King Ing October 20, 2008 3

I don’t know how Jason Bell luckboxed his way into dating Nadine Coyle from the pop superstar Girls Aloud, but I would like some of that good fortune. Nadine has dated various members of

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Hines Ward knocks Keith Rivers out for a year

King Ing October 20, 2008 1

I definitely don’t want to get on Hines Ward’s bad side. He knocks people into next week. And if you are the Cincinnati Bengals rookie Keith Rivers you get knocked out until next year.

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Meet Chuck

Justin October 20, 2008 0

This is Chuck LaMar.   He was the original GM for the Tama Bay (Devil) Rays.  During his 7 years on the job, the team was terrible. But he did helo lay the cornerstones

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South Carolina QB Stephen Garcia gets tackled by the referee

King Ing October 20, 2008 0

Now I am sure this was purely accidental, but in Saturday night’s ESPN game South Carolina’s Stephen Garcia was scrambling out fo the pocket when the umpire steps up and delivers a shoulder. Watching

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Who doesn’t love Steve Harvey

King Ing October 19, 2008 0

BostonDirtDogs sums it up perfectly!

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Say It Ain’t So, Jo(ba)

Justin October 19, 2008 1

Well, you can add another name to the evergrowing list of athletes behaving badly. But this one hurts. A lot. Superstar Yankees hurler Joba Chamberlain was busted for driving drunk in his home state

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An Open Letter to TBS

Justin October 18, 2008 3

Dear Turner Broadcasting Station, Congratutulations on your aquisition of Major League Baseball’s Playoff Package. So far, things have been pretty good. Ernie Johnson is loveable as ever during the pre and post game show, and

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No Sox/Rays Game on TV Right Now?

California Correspondent October 18, 2008 1

I am watching TBS right now and enjoying the Steve Harvey Show.  For some unexplainable reason, Comcast isn’t airing the Sox/Rays Playoff game on TBS (for me in San Francisco at least). Is that

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The Terrible Terry Tate is Back

Gino Vaginelli October 17, 2008 4

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