Which injury is worse? Greg Warren’s knee buckling or Patrick Edwards’ compound fracture of his right leg

King Ing October 29, 2008 0

Even though I was at the Steelers game, I don’t remember this Greg Warren injury. Damn you Jim Beam! But after watching the video, maybe it was better I didn’t see it. It looks so painful.

But what I did see last night was Patrick Edwards of the Houston Cougars trying to track down a deep pass in against Marshall last night. Not only did he not make the catch, but he ran right into a cart parked a couple feet from the back of the endzone resulting in a compund fracture of his right leg. What genius decided to park the cart that close to the field?!?! And I wonder if there will be a lawsuit from this?

Speedy recoveries to both and hopefully neither injury ends their careers.

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