Maria Sharapova Hates Cold Weather and Furry Animals

California Correspondent October 27, 2008 1

Russian ex-pat Maria Sharpova gets all bundled up in the Russian version of Vogue magazine that hits the Moscow news stands in November. Personally, I think she’s wearing way too much in these photos. Can’t the Russian Vogue editors at least put her in a Mink bikini or pool-side with a classy Raccoon hat next time?

What Maria Sharapova needs to make this photo shoot work is lingerie that would warm up the coldest night in Moscow. No matter what the temperature is outside any woman can make it hotter wearing something sexy and provocative for the man in their life.

Click through to see the rest of her photo shoot…

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  1. Jackie February 12, 2010 at 2:41 am -

    i am very attracted to broad shouldered women with athletic bodies like Maria Sharapova. wowwwweeee!!

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