I Bet I Know Who Has Santonio Holmes on His Fantasy Team

Justin October 24, 2008 0

I was not there for the Pittsburgh Police Department fantasy football draft, but I bet, at some point, this is how the conversation went:

League Commissioner (who may actually be a commissioner in real life, too): Hey, Vogel, You’re up.

Sgt. James Vogel: I need a wideout. Was Santana Moss taken? Oh, I see that he was. You know what? Screw it. I’m going hometown. Give me Santonio Holmes.

What leads me to this conclusion?  This quote, found by Deadspin, after Holmes was charged with pot possession.

Vogel said Holmes was very cooperative, respectful and wasn’t impaired. He thinks that should be taken into account when it comes to any potential action taken against him by the Steelers and the NFL.


“We wouldn’t expect a steelworker to be laid off or suspended without pay,” said Vogel. “I wouldn’t expect a police officer, firefighter or a member of the Steelers.”

See, your mom was right. Manners do count!

Holmes was suspended by the team for Sunday’s game anyway. But whenever he gets back, he should score a TD or two for Sgt. Vogel.

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