An Open Letter to TBS

Justin October 18, 2008 3

Dear Turner Broadcasting Station,

Congratutulations on your aquisition of Major League Baseball’s Playoff Package. So far, things have been pretty good. Ernie Johnson is loveable as ever during the pre and post game show, and Ron Darling is clearly developing into one of the great analysts on tv.

You’re coverage has not been without incident however.  The most glaring problem happened at the beginning of ALCS Game 6, when “technical difficulties” knocked you off the air for the better part of the first inning.  Now, I understand that problems like this happen. Afterall, you’re dealing with satellites and digital signals and all sorts of things I can’t even fathom. What I can’t excuse, however, is how clearly unprepared you were for this circumstance.

Your network airs re-runs of a number of fantastic situation comedies. That list includes classics like Seinfeld, Friends, and Everybody Loves Raymond, as well as current favorites like The Office, My Name is Earl and Family Guy. And you combine that with your up and coming roster of original programming like My Boys, or even Frank TV (I’ve seen commercials for this show. Apparently, this fellow does imitations of people who have eaten celebrities and then take on their personalities. HILARIOUS.)  Any fan of entertaining programming certainly has a home at your “super station.” ( Get it? That used to be your motto.)

That’s why I am so flummoxed that when you ran into those aforementioned “technical difficulties”, the backup programming you provided to a nation of hungry baseball fans was… The Steve Harvey Show. Really? You couldn’t tee up some Jerry and Elaine, or some Ray Barone, or some Jim and Pam?  We got Steve Harvey, and he was HAVING A HEART ATTACK!

That is simply unacceptable. Please be more mindful of your viewer’s feelings when you next plan live coverage of a sporting event.

Thanks for listening,


PS- At least it wasn’t an episode of House of Payne. I don’t understand how that show is even on the air.


  1. Geoffrey October 18, 2008 at 9:00 pm -

    Agreed! And I don’t understand why there couldn’t have been any care to alert the HD viewers of what was going on (the “experiencing technical difficulties” ticker aired only on the SD feed… I thought there was maybe a rain delay in the dome).

  2. California Correspondent October 18, 2008 at 9:36 pm -

    It’s too bad that TBS didn’t put on the Steve Harvey Show when the umps caused that long ass delay.

  3. Duff October 19, 2008 at 3:07 am -

    TBS has no business hosting a Championship series! Tonight showed the reason why.

    Such a joke!

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