Historic Lows?

Justin October 7, 2008 0

A season after the Patriots completed arguably the greatest regular season in NFL history, there is no clear cut best team. Blame the Brady injury, or the Colts getting old, or a simple underappreciation of how good the Giants and Titans really are.  But that doesn’t mean 2008 won’t go down in history.  We’re bearing witness to some of the worst teams of all time.  In fact, it may be the worst collection of bad teams ever. After the jump, we’ll delve deeper.

The Rams and Lions may not win a game this season. The Chiefs probably won’t win another. The Seahawks look like all fell into the fountain of old. The Browns are suffocating under the weight of their own lofty expectations. The Bengals are a mess. The Raiders are a bigger mess. Half the Dolphins playbook is trick plays.  The Texans can’t get out of their own way.

That’s 9 teams. More than a quarter of the league is TERRIBLE. Has there ever been a season with this many horrible teams? I can’t remember one.

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