Cristiano Ronaldo shot down by Elisa Sanchez

King Ing October 6, 2008 4

Soccer stud Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t usually get brushed off by the ladies. So when it happens, it will definitely be a top story in the British tabloids. The Sun tells the story of Ronaldo putting the moves on Colombian soap star Elisa Sanchez only to be rebuked by the Latin beauty.

“He was really red, like he had been laying out in the sun too long, and kept putting oil on himself all the time.

“He was wearing these tiny little swimming pants. The way he was preening himself was hilarious.

“I had absolutely no idea who he was — and we were all convinced he was gay.

“He winked at me and tried to chat me up but I don’t speak English well.

“So I just said ‘Sorry’ and walked away.”

What was she thinking?!?!


  1. ! October 8, 2008 at 8:34 pm -

    Who would ever turn him down!? he’s so sexy and fine!

  2. Alexandra October 25, 2008 at 11:02 pm -

    I don’t think i would turn him only cuz i think myself and C-Ronaldo would be a great couple :)… We are both Portuguese and we both love the sport:). But he will never know how perfect we would be cuz chances of us meeting hmm are pretty slim unless we are on vacation in Portugal at the same time and happen to run into eachother lol. But other than that .. these girls have nothing on me ;). MESSAGE TO C-RONALDO … IF YOU WANT A REAL PORTUGUESE HOTTIE GIVE ME A CALL ;).

    Okay okay all jokes aside … I think he’s the greatest ” futebol” Player in the world … I don’t believe any woman would turn him down … only those who are trying to go public with their dumb story …. as if i would go public with ” yeah i turn down c-ronaldo , and i didn’t know who he was ” oh please who are you again ??? Cuz I HONESTLY HAVE NEVER HEARD OF YOU BEFORE LOL .. who’s this chick again ? lol. Does this chick Elisa want an award or something? Seriously C- Ronaldo pick’s Losers all the time.

    Cristiano Ronaldo Stick with a PORTUGUESE!


  3. Alex November 27, 2008 at 7:21 pm -

    “Who would turn him down”?

    How about woman above the age of 20 who have half a brain inside their skull?

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